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Teaching languages: Spanish as a Foreign Language


The main aim of the Master's Degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language is to train students to teach Spanish to speakers of other languages. It provides students with the theory and practical tools they need to teach Spanish as a foreign language at home or abroad. The programme guarantees that students will have a thorough knowledge of Spanish and will be familiar with the most suitable techniques and methods for satisfactory teaching.
The subjects are taught entirely in Spanish, as is the training programme, but this may not be the case of the optional subjects.

In addition to the professional track, the course also offers a research track for those who are interested in pursuing any theoretical or practical aspects of foreign language teaching with a view to taking a doctorate.

Carreer opportunities

Master's degree in Language Teaching: Spanish as a Foreign Language
Duration 60 ECTS credits - 1 year
Track Professional and research
Type Face-to-face
Language of instruction Spanish
Places available 30

Faculty of Arts

Associated doctoral degree Humanistic Studies
Course dates from 3rd October t May 2017
Master's Degree thesis june and september

Academic coordinator

Dr. Esther Forgas Berdet

Coordinator's e-mail address esther.forgas(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administrative contact

Campus Catalunya Secretariat for Academic Management
 977 297 000

Social networks

Facebook: Máster en Enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras (español) URV Tarragona


        Programme subjects

Quality assurance

         Master's Degree thesis regulations

Student Profile

The master programme is aimed at future language teachers who wish to work in Spain and abroad.

Student profile is in general graduates in Spanish Filology or similar (Translation, Foreign Language Teacher, etc). However, it may also be admited othe candidate profiles if a teaching vocation does extist.







6 12 60




6 12 60
FIRST YEAR: Compulsory subjects
Yearly subjects
12855401 Work Placement 6
12855301 Final Master's Project 12
First semester
12855101 Learning and Teaching of Foreign Languages 3
12855102 Teaching Methodology for Foreign Languages 3
12855103 Common European Reference Framework for Languages 3
12835104 Assessment of Competences in Spanish as a Foreign Language 3
12855106 Analysis and Production of Teaching Materials 3
12855110 Cultural Pragmatism in Classroom in a Spanish Language Classroom 3
  Optional subjects 3
Second semester
12855105 Classroom Management: Working Dynamics and Communication Techniques 3
12855107 New Technologies Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language 3
12855108 Designing Teaching Courses and Units for Spanish as a Foreign Language 3
12855109 Formal Grammar and Pedagogical Grammar in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language 3
  Optional subjects 9

In this section you will find the list of all the optional subjects on the curriculum. Before you select the subjects you wish to register for, please make sure that they have been activated

12855201 Writing a Doctoral Thesis 3
12855202 Culture in a Spanish Language Classroom: Literature, History, Art and Cinema 3
12855203 Teaching Spanish to Immigrants 3
12855204 Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to Children Designing Activities 3
12855205 Spanish for Specific Purposes 3
12855206 Teaching Vocabulary in a Spanish Language Classroom 3
12855207 Teaching Pronunciation in a Spanish Language Classroom 3
12855208 Research Methodology Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language 3
12855209 Questions of Lexical Semantics in the Teaching of Foreign Languages 3
12855210 Bridging Courses I: Advanced Spanish Grammar 3
12855211 Bridging Courses II: Fundamental Principles of Linguistics Applied to Teaching Languages 3

(**)After checking the candidate's transcript, the body responsible for admission can decide that the student must attend and satisfactorily complete some of the subjects that are programmed as bridging courses.

Especific requirements

Admission qualifications

A university degree in Hispanic studies or Hispanic language and literature, other language degrees, a degree in primary-school teaching (with or without the speciality in foreign languages) or a degree in a related field

Specific documentation

As well as the the compulsory documentation for pre-enrolment to the programme, students must also submit the following documents:

Selection criteria

Pre-enrolled students will be selected according to the following criteria:

1. Academic performance: Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the student's academic record.

2. Additional training: other documented courses, seminars or activities related to the content of the master's degree.

3. Professional experience: experience in teaching foreign languages (Spanish) will be appraised.

4. Competence in Spanish as a Foreign Language: Level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Equivalent qualification.