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Medieval European Identity




The Master's degree in Medieval European Identity provides training in research in various approaches to the Middle Ages. It leads on to doctoral programmes in medieval history and archaeology, history of medieval art, and medieval and modern languages and literatures. This master's degree involves cross-training in history, art history, and philology and literature, with specific and specialized tracks. The course is online and uses the new applied technologies to guarantee success. The degree discusses the challenges currently facing European identity, as well as the historical and cultural context. The course trains the participants to work in the world of research, and the management of the various aspects of medieval heritage (museums, heritage management, tourism).

Career opportunities

Research centres, specializing in the various disciplines of the medieval period (history, art history and modern languages and literatures). Centres managing medieval heritage (files, sightseeing, museums, etc.).

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Master's Degree in Medieval European Identity
Duration 60 ECTS credits - 1 year
Track Research
Specialisations Historical construction of Europe
Exchanges and artistic dissemination in Europe
Language and literature in the Middle Ages
Type Online
Language of instruction Spanish, Catalan and English
Places  30
Participating universities
  • Universitat de Lleida (coordinator)
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Universitat de Girona
  • Universitat de Murcia
  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Faculty of Arts

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Master's degree website www.mastermedieval.udl.cat
URV academic coordinator Dr Maria Bonet Donato
Coordinator's email address maria.bonet(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat
Administrative contact

Campus Catalunya Secretariat for Academic Management
977 297 000

Quality assurance

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